About the author


    Dyren Olen's love for writing  is, more than likely, inherited from her mother who loved to write poems and songs. By third grade she was writing full book reports on African American greats such as Shirley Chisholm. Her love for black history being inherited mostly from her father, who was a huge black history enthusiast and civil rights activist...although both parents instilled the importance of her heritage in many different ways. For instance... Her father made it mandatory to watch black TV shows, such as 'Roots' in their home. Her mother registered her with the NAACP at just 12 years of age.  As she grew older, her love of history increased, to the point of choosing African American history as her major in college. 

     Her children could tell tales of their mother getting them excited to go see a surprise, which would turn out to be something pertaining to black history, like a tour through 'The Bellemeade Mansion' or a trip to the Nashville Zoo, which just happened to hold the slave homes and 'big house' of the plantation owners at the back of the zoo. (Who knew?) 

     She was always a romantic at heart. Reading 2 or 3 Harlequin Romance novels a day...was nothing. When she realized that there were black authors who were combining her love of romance and history...her mind took off.

     Most of her books are grounded in present day and the 19th century...although there is a series on the horizon based in 18th Century England.

     Basically, Dyren Olen is a deep romantic with a love of black history. She has plenty of stories that she would love for the world to read about. And although they may be fictional tales, you can be sure that they are all grounded with a bit of truth.